EWI addresses the professional’s quest for personal achievement and drive for professional development. EWI is unique among the myriad women's associations in that the company, not the individual, holds the membership.

EWI offers many benefits to both the representative and the company. Participants in EWI have access to a variety of events and programs, and their companies benefit through the professional connections and the recognition as business leaders in their communities. Learn how you can become part of this dynamic, powerful international association for businesswomen.

Benefits to the Member Firms:
  • Association with other prestigious firms and executives in the Chapter City and recognition as a leader in its field
  • Opportunity to promote the firm within the Chapter, community and throughout EWI’s international organization
  • Opportunity to initiate and maintain important contacts with other top ranking firms and executives in the community through hosting firm nights and attending other meetings through the year
  • Access to EWI’s network across the United States and Canada for exchange of information and assistance in business and other matters
  • Opportunity to become further involved in the community through the support of the Chapter’s civic programs and philanthropic projects
Benefits to the Representatives:
  • Opportunities for executive individuals to work together for the benefit of the firms they represent through personal association and exchange of information with the Chapter’s prestigious member firms
  • Meeting ground for business and professional individuals who share common goals of leadership in their firms, the business community, and throughout EWI’s international organization
  • Opportunities for personal growth and development of leadership skills through participation in the Chapter’s activities and by taking an active role in the Chapter and Corporate Board of Directors
  • Continuing education and professional development through webinars, and attendance at regional conferences and the national Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting (LCAM)
  • Access to a network of mutual assistance from more than 2,000 member firms
  • Opportunity to contribute to the welfare of the community through involvement in the Chapter’s civic, philanthropic, and scholarship programs
The most benefit and enjoyment for both firms and representatives can only be achieved through regular attendance and involvement. 

Email our membership chairperson to receive additional information about the benefits of membership.

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