EWI Harrisburg

President’s Message

Happy Holiday season to you all,

This month will fly by, just like last month….how is it December?!?!

Our November meeting at the Army Heritage Center in Carlisle, PA was a great success.  What an incredible venue that is full of history!  We were able to walk the halls of the museum that displays literature and artifacts through the U.S Army’s accounts of our country’s wars.  Mike Perry, the Executive Director, provided a wonderful explanation of how the Center came to be, how they maintain integrity through donations across the country, and what their future plans are for growth.  I am sure we all took a couple things away from his presentation, but one thing that made a special impression on me was the fact that our current Army involvements are digital.  Computers control most of our modern day conflicts, whether it is by using them for strategy, communication, or data.  With that being said, Mike predicts that we will not have the records, materials, and artifacts like we have had in the past to document the wars of the future. 

Thank you to Tia and her committee for setting up a great November meeting!

As I work on addressing my family Christmas cards over the next couple of days, I am going to have in the back of my head the importance of handwritten mementos.   It is so easy to log into your email and send a quick hello or thank you, but I am always pleasantly surprised when I see an actual, personal letter addressed to me in my mailbox.

I am looking forward to our December meeting on the 14th!  Dress for Success will be there sharing their mission, along with three women who have benefited over the years from the organization.  We will be collecting both men’s and women’s business attire,  so it is a great time to clean out closets!  If you have questions, please reach out to Tia Scott.

Happy Holidays and looking forward to a wonderful 2018 EWI year!


Julie Young, Capital BlueCross Chapter President, 2017-2018