EWI Harrisburg

Past President’s Message for June 2017
June 1979 to June 2017 – It is hard to believe it has been thirty-eight years and so much has transpired since the very first EWI Harrisburg Chapter Membership meeting.  Just to name a few, we have given out many scholarships, we held the first State Conference in Pennsylvania, our Chapter was heavily involved with The Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission, we supported then-member firm Hamilton Health as it opened its new offices, recently we supported a “Little Free Library” and we celebrated many wonderful firm nights, and our Chapter sponsored a float in the Harrisburg Holiday Parade built entirely by the members, representatives and executives. 

There were many other community projects of which the Harrisburg Chapter should be very proud.  Some of you may wonder how the Cackovic-Taylor scholarship was started.  Carol Taylor was the Chapter’s first President, and I was very involved in the founding of the Harrisburg Chapter.  As a Charter Member, I represented Bell of Pennsylvania (now known as Verizon).  In 2004, I was given the honor of being the Harrisburg Chapter’s Life Member. 

EWI has continued to be a wonderful experience over these past thirty-eight years.  Even though my participation is not what it was as a representative, the Harrisburg Chapter will always remain a part of my life.  I’ve met many wonderful people and have made some very special friends.  My hope is that the Harrisburg Chapter continues to thrive and be as successful and productive as it has always been.

Delores Cackovic Kolakowski, Life Member
(Chartering Representative of Bell Telephone)
Past Chapter President, 1983