EWI Harrisburg

Past President’s Message for February 2017
February always makes me think of LOVE and HEARTS (and chocolate).  It’s easy to talk about things that you hold dear - Family, Friends, and Community.

I’ve lived my whole life in Central PA. I am a product of my surroundings and the people in it. I feel it’s important to stay connected with your Community. EWI Harrisburg plays a significant role in my LOVE for Community.
One of the best parts of this organization, in my opinion, is the commitment to give back to our Community. Our desire and efforts to increase literacy in the youth of our neighborhoods through Reading Rallies or the Free Little Library has been impactful. My most favorite EWI meeting is when we present the ASIST scholarship awards. The recipients live in our Community, go to school in our Community, and most are seeking careers in order to help and benefit our Community.

This year, as opportunities arise to give back and support our Community efforts, please open your heart.  Being a part of changing lives in our Community, one at a time, can change your life.   

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Sweigard, AAA Central Penn
Past Chapter President, 2011-2012

 Please note: This year, instead of a message directly from our current Chapter President, Marsha Blessing of Orison Publishers, Marsha is asking Past Chapter Presidents to take turns sharing their thoughts on Careers, Connections, and Community.