EWI Harrisburg

President’s Message

I am very excited to enter into the next Chapter in my EWI leadership and hopeful the 2017/2018 year will be an engaging and exciting one!
My attitude has always been- Go for it!  When I was approached by a former manager, mentor and friend (Amanda Unger) to come to a monthly meeting with her a couple years ago, I definitely didn’t think I would be writing my President’s message any time soon, but, like I mentioned, there is always something inside me that says- Go for it- so here I am. 

I quickly learned from that first meeting that EWI was a special organization.  The majority of the women in the room had thrown Amanda a baby shower, knew details of her children, and genuinely cared about her career path and family life.  I could tell that those women and the organization had helped mold her into the leader she is today, and that made an impression on me. 

I come from a family of leaders and doers.  My grandfather was very involved with all things Camp Hill, Cumberland County, Central PA, and even statewide when he entered politics.  He never stayed still and never stopped his commitment to his community. He was kind enough to pass those genes right down to my father.  I can remember as a young girl (and now as adult), everywhere we went, my dad knew someone through his community connections and a business owner, school board member, committee member, and volunteer efforts.  I feel incredibly blessed to have had 3 C’s – Connections, Careers & Community engrained even before EWI.

So, with that being said, I am ready to Go for it!  I had the privilege to attend EWI’s LCAM (Leadership Conference & Annual Meeting) two weeks ago, hear lots of good ideas from other chapters, meet other leaders, and hit the REFRESH button on EWI’s goal to THRIVE.  Commitment and Membership - if we all can make a refreshed commitment to our chapter and look outside the box when it comes to community involvement and membership recruitment, then I am certain we can and will Thrive!

I am thrilled with the 2017/2018 board selections and look forward to making an impact together!
Julie Young, Capital BlueCross Chapter President, 2017-2018