EWI Harrisburg

Past President’s Message

When I was asked months ago as a Past President to provide the President’s Message, I knew exactly what I wanted to say. Then I read Sylvia’s July message and found that she had the same idea! But, because of its importance, I am going to talk about the same
subject: “Get involved with EWI and utilize the many opportunities that are provided.”

When I moved back to PA from Texas in 1993, I was told by my employer at the time, Manpower Staffing (one of the founding member firms of EWI Harrisburg), that I was to be their new representative.  I really didn’t know anything about it, and, in addition, I was newly divorced, had a young son, and was taking on a lot of responsibilities as General Manager. I didn’t have a lot of free time!

However, I found that EWI was more than worth any time I could give it. Active participation in EWI was a way to make friends, network for my business, and give back to my community, all in one organization.

I was subsequently asked to be the Chair of Philanthropy. It is ironic that I had no idea what that was back then; now, working for a non-profit philanthropy is what I do! Since then, I have held almost every position in the organization, and that experience has helped me grow so much, both personally and professionally. I was even a Transitional Member for a short time.  I can’t stress enough that you can’t get anything out of something if you don’t put anything in.  GET INVOLVED. 

I valued my EWI membership so much that, when I started with Tri-County Association for the Blind/Vision Resources of Central Pa., membership in EWI was part of what I asked for when negotiating my salary. 

The list of what I have learned through my many years of membership with EWI is long and immensely valuable to my life and career: things like team work, how to run a meeting, networking, fundraising, PHILANTHROPY, how to take minutes , how to become comfortable speaking in front of people, just to name a few.  GET INVOLVED and take advantage of the knowledge that we ladies have.  When I was thinking of making a career change back in 2000, it became a top priority to discuss it with my professional women friends at EWI. 

I will say it again, GET INVOLVED, join a committee, chair a committee, join the Board, attend LCAM… you won’t be sorry!  😊

Thank you, EWI, for 24 great years, and I hope to be a sustaining member of this wonderful organization some day!

Danette Blank, Representative of Vision Resources of Central PA
Past Chapter President, 2003-2004, 2007-2008